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World Watch Today: Discusses the Gospel Christ preached; “Good News” of the Kingdom of God, which includes the forgiveness of our sins upon repentance through Christ’s sacrifice. Through Christ our Savior, we have the opportunity of becoming ruling members of His Kingdom (Revelation 5:10; Acts 8:12; Acts 28:30-31; Mark 1:14-15).

World Watch Today: examines the importance of Bible Prophecy, World Events; and “Why” the message of the Prophets is so important to understand (Luke 21:36)!

Steven LeBlanc (Radio Presenter) in Belarus at the Holocaust Memorial site: Maly Trostinets. Annihilation of Jewish population on the occupied territory of Belarus in 1941-1944 (Minsk) states this figure at 751,861 Belarusian Jews (killed during the Holocaust).

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